Lucify builds bespoke visual tools for understanding important data.

Our projects range from data-driven storytelling to bespoke tools for rich exploration of computational models.

We work with decision-makers, researchers and communicators in governments, universities, NGOs, and data-intensive businesses. Our customers include the Finnish Ministry of the Interior, Aalto University, the United Nations, and F-Secure.

See examples of our projects below.

October 2017
We Foundation
Compare unemployment, school dropout levels, and youth depression medication usage across Finland’s municipalities.
Finnish Immigration Service statistics
January 2017
Finnish Immigration Service
All of Finland's immigration statistics visualized in a way that is easy to explore, understand, and download.
Flow towards Europe
October 2015
Europe is experiencing the biggest refugee crisis since World War II. Based on data from the United Nations, we clarify the scale of the crisis.
Lucify created a brilliant data visualization of internal displacement for the launch of the Global Humanitarian Appeal 2015, dealing patiently with a complex network of UN partners. All in less than four weeks! Working with Lucify was an absolute pleasure.
Christian Clark
Chief, Public Advocacy & Campaigns
UN OCHA, New York
F-Secure was looking for a fresh perspective to support the concepting of a new cybersecurity product. We chose Lucify for their genuine passion in their work, which was evident throughout the project. The created concepts and prototype serve as a great starting point for future product development.
Hannu Konttinen
UX Lead, Corporate Security
F-Secure, Finland

Does your organisation need better tools for using data to make decisions? Have you reached the limits of general-purpose tools like Excel, Tableau, or Power BI? Contact us.

Want to develop your data and modeling capabilities? We can help.
Interactive data visualization for developers
Know your way around code but want to learn best practices for visualizing data? In two days, we go through the basics of data visualization design and teach you how to create advanced interactive data visualizations using D3, React, and TypeScript.
1 600 € + VAT per person
Designing data visualizations for interaction
Interactions open up new possibilities for visualization. Interactive visualizations can present complex systems in a memorable and intuitive way. However, interactions present new design challenges. In this one-day course, we discuss common problems and solutions.
900 € + VAT per person
Project kickstart
Starting a visualization-heavy project? Let us help get it off to a flying start. We’ll help wrangle the data, build the software foundations, coach your team on good data visualization practices, and make sure your team has all the tools needed to continue building your vision.
Starting from 9 500 € + VAT
We’re also happy to arrange custom training. Contact us for more information.
At Lucify, we believe there’s vast untapped potential in the digital medium.

Paper was invented in China in 100 BC. Almost two thousand years later, in 1786, William Playfair invented the graphical methods of statistics, using paper to create the first time-series chart on the trade balance between England, Denmark, and Norway. Nowadays such charts are ubiquitous, to the extent that Playfair's big invention almost seems obvious.

Ever since the invention of computers over 50 years ago, humans have had access to a new computational medium that allows for dynamic representations not possible on paper.

At Lucify, we believe this new medium has vast untapped potential, especially for creating and sharing understanding about important systemic problems with complex dynamics. In our work, we explore, use, and spread knowledge about the potential of the digital medium for that purpose. We expect to see many innovations akin to Playfair's come out of this field in the coming years.

Reach the Lucify team via email or by calling Juho at +358 44 5602070.

If you’re ever in Helsinki, come drop by our office for a coffee! We are located in the Maria 0-1 startup hub in downtown Helsinki.